Ayurveda is an ancient treatment that has been practiced since the time of sages.
Mr. Mohan Gowda, who himself is a Dhanvantary Ayurvedic Physician, can diagnose any kind of disease just by reading the pulse and give appropriate treatment.

Mr. Mohan Gowda has handled many difficult cases in his 45 years of experience and solved many hospital rejected cases. Many surgeons and specialist doctors also take treatment from him.

Our Mission

We provide 100% satisfaction for all of our patients. We treat and cure many of the common illness through Ayurveda.


Our Services

We provide treatment for Vata Pitta, Kapha, Broken bone, bone setting(any part of body), disk issues, slip disk, frozen or stiff neck, dis-located joints, diabetes, sinus and migraines, cancer(throat,intestine,uterus), skin diseases, ulcer, anemia, thyroid, H1N1, hair fall, physiotherapy and many more!

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About our clinic

Mr. Vaidya Pandith Mohan Gowda, the founder of Jeeva Sanjeevani Ayurveda Foundation, started this in 1970s. His daughter has also been practicing along with him since 2003. We recently started a foundation to serve globally. About one crore people have taken treatment from us. We have NRI customers and people from many different states also.


Please Note:

Pateints should call and take appointment before visiting the clinic. All our medicines are 100% natural and herbal with no side effects. (We do not attend emergency cases.)

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Contact Us

Our Bangalore Address

Our Bangalore Address:
2nd Floor, S.V.Complex, S.M.Road, Above ICIC Bank, Near Ayyappa Temple, Jalahalli Cross

Contact number : 9206380092, 7892107018, 9206380093, 7619418654

Our Shimoga Address

Our Shivamoga Address:
Pandith Mohan Gowda, Koralakoppa (school stop), Shimoga to N.R.Pura Route (30kms)
Contact Number : 9591357805